Flexibility.  Intelligence.  Ingenuity.  Trust.  Experience
For 16 years we have used these qualities to help solve even the most challenging business problems through a combination of strategy and technology, many on a global scale.

The Technoligence Difference

Technoligence was founded in 1994 on the belief that all business initiatives - regardless of their size or scope - must produce measurable value for their sponsors. Our mission is to help businesses realize that value in a timely fashion that aligns with their defined corporate strategies. Our success in consistently delivering these results to our clients rests on the following qualities that we incorporate into each solution we provide:

  • Flexibility - From business and  technology planning to the development of mission critical applications that are used globally, Technoligence provides a range of services to meet your needs.
  • Intelligence - No company is contoured the same, which is why we individually assemble the best and brightest in their field for each assignment. It's highly selective sourcing with a high standard for excellence.
  • Ingenuity - Thinking comes before execution. Often times the problem presented is merely a symptom. Technoligence offers a proprietary methodology and solutions development framework that allows us to quickly identify the problem and build effective solutions
  • Experience - From strategy, requirements gathering, analysis and design to development, deployment, training and ongoing enhancements, Technoligence has an extensive variety of technology and business expertise.
  • Trust - It has to be earned. More and more consultants these days deliver unfulfilled promises. Technoligence has an outstanding on-time and on-budget performance record. Our long list of world-renowned references and repeat customers are just further confirmation.
Company Snapshot
  • Founded in 1994 - global client base
  • Marketing and business development strategy
  • Marketing automation and CRM solutions
  • Website and content development
  • Campaign strategy and development
  • SharePoint and custom business solutions