Looking to leverage your CRM system to drive greater productivity and effectiveness?  Our CRM services are designed to help you: 
Define the Best Approach to using CRM within your organization
Drive Greater Performance through customization and automation
Improve Decision Making with better customer insight

Full-Service Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM goes far beyond account and opportunity management or support case tracking. It's a fundamental approach to business that recognizes the relationships you have with your customers are the key source of your company's competitive advantage in the fast changing, global market we all compete in today.

That's why we've designed our CRM services to help you make the most of your client relationships. Whether your looking to drive greater customer profitability, reduce cost of sales, increase marketing effectiveness, or improve decision making with better customer insight, our delivery teams have the business experience and technical expertise to help you select and implement the CRM solution that best meets your company's needs.

From requirements analysis and solution design to implementation, training, and on-going support, we provide the full range of CRM services needed to get your initiative off the ground. Or, if you have a specific project for your existing CRM system that you'd like help with, we can quickly engage with your team to implement a point solution with a minimum of cost and effort on your part.

Regardless of your company's size or industry, our flexible delivery model and deep CRM expertise deliver proven solutions to make your customer interactions more productive and your business relationships more profitable.  

CRM Strategy and Planning

Leverage the expertise of our CRM, business, and technology consultants to help you identify the most effective approaches to applying CRM within your organization. We work with your senior executives to understand their key objectives and develop concrete plans complete with scope, cost, and timeframe estimates to realizing those objectives. Whether it's planning out an initial implementation or developing new approaches to improve sales productivity, our CRM strategy and planning teams leverage over two decades of experience to provide the guidance you need to make decisions with confidence.  

Package Selection

If your looking to implement a new CRM system or move off of your existing system, our CRM teams can help select the platform that's right for you. We have in-depth knowledge of a number of the leading platforms (, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, etc.) and can quickly provide you with accurate, unbiased advice based on your company's unique needs.  

Initial Implementation

Our initial implementation services are designed to accelerate the delivery of a tailored, easy-to-use CRM system within your organization. Each of our CRM business analysts has significant experience mapping sales, marketing, and customer service processes to specific CRM functionality and works closely with our development teams in an agile environment to deliver robust capabilities quickly. Additionally, we leverage pre-compiled, fully-tested code libraries to extend the base functionality of your CRM system and deliver industry-specific customizations in just a few clicks. 

Conversion / Upgrade

Moving from one CRM system to another or upgrading to a new version of an existing CRM system can present a number of difficult challenges, especially if the current system has been heavily customized. Our conversion and upgrade teams have in-depth knowledge of the database level-mappings between different systems and leverage industry standard tools to ensure your CRM conversion/upgrade goes as smoothly as possible with near 100% data and functionality fidelity.  

Customization / Process Automation

Your company is unique, and to get the most from your CRM system you'll want to customize it to match your organization's specific sales, marketing, and customer service needs. Additionally, one of the core value propositions to implementing a CRM system is the productivity gains that can be realized by automating these processes to help your employees work more quickly and effectively. We work with your teams to define, prioritize, and implement customization and process automation opportunities to maximize the value your CRM solution delivers within the time, budget, and resource constraints provided.  

Sales Forecasting / Business Intelligence

The data stored within your CRM system contains a treasure trove of insights that can be used to:
  • Improve executive decision making
  • Identify and disseminate best practices
  • Identify and eliminate issues before they become problems
  • Spot key trends and move to take advantage of them before your competitors
  • Accurately forecast demand with greater pipeline visibility
  • And more…
Our business intelligence consultants have the skill to help you ask the right questions and the expertise to deliver the information and insights to answer them. From metrics definition, report design, data warehousing strategy, key performance indicator analysis, executive portal development, and beyond, we provide the full range of services needed to help you answer even the most difficult questions.  

Systems Integration

A key focus for many organizations is eliminating the data silos that result from separate CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, and other line of business systems. To be effective, your employees need access to all of the data you have on a particular customer, regardless of where it's stored (think of the unprepared sales rep that calls into an account and isn't aware the customer's product is 4-weeks behind schedule - ouch!).

Our systems integration services eliminate scenarios like this by tying together your core systems and not only providing your team with a full 360-degree view of your customer data, but also reducing data redundancy and streamlining cross-system processes, such as the opportunity closing (CRM) to order fulfillment (ERP) process.  

Sales 2.0 Data Mash-ups

The internet has revolutionized not only the way your customers buy, but also the way your sales team sells (or should sell at least). The days of feet-on-street and smile-and-dial tactics are fading, and the era of the informed sales rep are dawning.

From social media sites like Linked-In and Facebook to data service providers like Jigsaw, Dunn and Bradstreet, and InsideView, your reps have access to more client data than ever before. And the sales teams that use this data to customize their communications to more closely align with their prospects' unique needs will experience shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and greater quota attainment than those that do not. In short, they'll develop a strong competitive advantage.

We can help your sales team take advantage of this significant opportunity by integrating these data sources into your CRM system to provide a seamless end-user experience for your reps. Clicking on one tab in your CRM system provides an overview of the prospect's company structure, clicking another tab shows all of the recent news for the company, and clicking yet another tab allows the rep to purchase and automatically import a new key contact's information. This seamless approach not only encourages your reps to use the data available to them, but improves productivity by keeping them from having to search through various sites to access it.

A typical B2B sales rep only spends between 26% and 42% of his or her time on core selling activities that drive revenues.

Improving Sales Effectiveness is a top 3 objective for 46% of

-- CSO Insights, 2010
Delivering Results
The sales environment has become significantly more competitive as buyers are better informed and expect more from your reps and your company.

We help your sales organization compete more effectively by identifying and implementing the right combination of process improvement and technology enablement initiatives that drive greater sales performance.