Complexity abounds, and it can make determining the right IT strategy a challenge.  Our technology experts can help you:

Information Technology Planning

Most companies have extensive Information Technology portfolios, but many of them are not utilizing their portfolios in ways that give them competitive advantages. At Technoligence, we have a proprietary strategic planning process that will help you develop IT resources to better meet your current and future business needs. We start by conducting a comprehensive review of your portfolio, business drivers, trends, threats, and opportunities. We then synthesize this information into a three-year plan complete with infrastructure recommendations and prioritized implementation steps.


A successful IT plan must be based on a strategic—and creative—fusion of the company’s needs, business objectives, operating culture, business processes, existing application portfolio, and an understanding of emerging technology and marketplace trends and opportunities. We at Technoligence can help your organization take all of these ingredients to forge an effective roadmap for meeting your current and future IT needs.   Our information technology planning process will help you answer many key questions, including:
  • How can I better use my existing IT technologies and resources?
  • What are my industry’s technology capabilities and trends?
  • What emerging IT technologies and resources will best integrate with my operations and systems to give me the greatest business opportunities?

We look at your organization’s overall technology infrastructure and identify and inventory all of your existing—and planned—IT applications, creating a complete inventory of features and benefits for each application. Coupled with our thorough benchmarking of your industry’s technology capabilities and trends, this catalog gives us a clear picture of your IT portfolio’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Once we have a complete assessment of your needs, business drivers, capabilities, potential roadblocks, and competitive environment, we synthesize this information to develop a long-term information technology strategy. We create a detailed project plan complete with a list of prioritized steps that will help you close the gaps between your current application portfolio and your business goals. The final result of our IT planning process is a clear picture of the steps that your organization should take to turn its IT infrastructure into a competitive advantage.