Nothing holds great companies back from reaching their growth targets like a lack of qualified leads.  Leverage our full-service marketing teams to:
Increase the Number of Leads entering your sales and marketing funnel
Improve Lead Quality to shorten sales cycles and improve close rates
Significantly Reduce Marketing Costs by leveraging the power of technology

Full Service Online Marketing

At Technoligence, we recognize that the purpose of online marketing is to improve bottom-line performance, and we've designed our services accordingly.  

We offer the full-breadth of skills and expertise needed to design, develop, and implement effective online marketing campaigns. From brand development and website design to email campaigns, lead nurturing, and search engine marketing, our delivery teams draw on decades of combined experience to deliver solutions that work. 

Whether you’re looking to outsource your marketing operations completely or require specific expertise for an individual project, our flexible engagement model provides a cost effective approach to extending your online marketing initiatives.  So before you spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring a dedicated resource, we'd encourage you to consider leveraging our team-based approach that in many cases delivers greater results, in a shorter timeframe, and at a fraction of the cost of dedicated resources. 

Online Marketing Strategy Consulting

Leverage the expertise of our senior strategists, designers, and developers to solidify your vision and define projects that meet your key objectives.   We can help brainstorm new ideas for online projects and campaigns or further define existing ones with scope, costs, and expected return on investment (ROI) estimates.  Either way, you'll end up with concrete, actionable guidance that enables you to make decisions regarding your online marketing initiatives with confidence. 

Inbound Marketing (Search Engine Marketing)

Whether you’re looking to generate leads through organic search ("Search Engine Optimization", "SEO") or paid placement ("Pay-per-Click", "PPC", "Sponsored Listings") , or a combination of both, our marketing teams can provide the expertise and horsepower needed to ensure your success.  We provide competitive analysis, keyword research, reciprocal link research, landing page design, ad copywriting, A/B variable ad testing, campaign setup and management, and ongoing reporting and advisement to elevate relevant site traffic and turn that traffic into actionable leads.  

Outbound Marketing (Email, Phone, etc.)

Email marketing has risen to prominence over the last decade for one simple reason: it works. If you're interested in driving new business quickly, email marketing in conjunction with other outbound methods (i.e. a follow-up call) is one of the most effective methods available.  But there's a catch: you have to be smart about it. Your email (especially the subject line) has to be engaging, and you can't just follow CAN-SPAM regulations and expect to see results - you should work to adhere to a long list of best practices that maximize your chances for success.

We continuously perform multivariate A/B testing to identify the subject lines, layout, images, content, times of day, and other factors that drive deliverability and conversion.  As a part of our outbound marketing services we can help you design the most effective email campaigns, create and test different layouts and content, run your email campaigns for you, and even help your sales team identify the most interested prospects by tracking click-throughs and web-activity and then integrating the campaign results into your CRM system. 

Lead Management + Marketing Automation

We have significant experience designing and implementing advanced lead management strategies (lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead routing, DRIP campaigns, etc.) and work with a wide range of marketing automation system providers (SalesFUSION, Marketo, Hubspot, etc.).  We can work with your sales and marketing organizations to identify the most effective approach to managing incoming and existing leads and then integrate those processes into your lead management software. 

Website Design + Development

Your website serves as the cornerstone of your online marketing initiatives, clearly communicating your brand and value proposition and driving prospect engagement.  Or does it?  Many companies still have sites from previous generations that don't accurately reflect their current business, leaving prospects and revenue on the table.  Our web design and development teams are experts at creating engaging, professional-grade websites that inspire confidence, excitement, and action. Learn more...  

Target Market Definition + List Acquisition

If you're going to engage in any sort of outbound marketing (email, phone, etc.), a clearly defined target market (size, industry, role, etc.) and clean, accurate lists are critical components for success.  Our teams work with your sales and marketing resources to develop Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and personas to identify where the low hanging fruit lies.  From there, we select from the best list sources to acquire the highest quality contact data at the lowest possible price and import it into your CRM or Marketing Automation solution so that it's ready for action. 

Messaging + Content Development

Let's face it, buying behavior has changed.  Whether you're selling complex software products, business services, or heavy machinery, prospects want to research solutions that meet their needs online, on their own time, and without a salesperson's involvement (gasp!). 

So what can you do to make sure that when these online researchers are ready to buy they come to your company first?  Well, you can get the conversation started early by providing them with the helpful content they're looking for.  This can come in the form of blogs, webinars, whitepapers, screencasts, brainsharks, and a whole slew of other innovative, new communication mediums.  Sound like a lot of work?  It is, but our messaging and content planning resources can work with your teams to create an effective content plan and then design, develop, and implement everything from blogs and whitepapers to webinars and screencasts, leaving you to focus on your core business.  

Companies with lead nurturing programs have 9% more sales reps make quota.

-- CSO Insights, 2009

Nurtured leads deliver 47% higher average order volumes over non-nurtured leads.

-- Aberdeen Group,  2009
Delivering Results
The increasing wealth of content on the Internet has shifted how buyers interact with companies. This in turn requires that marketing add value further down into the sales cycle to retain buyers' attention.

We help companies retool their sales and marketing processes, content, website, CRM, and other tools to adapt and thrive with this new B2B paradigm.