Top Three Favorite Tech News Podcasts

I was at a Chicago Windows User Group meeting earlier this year and the ice breaker introduction question that was passed around the room was, "Where to you get your news?" As the introductions were made I took stock of my news sources and realized that the bulk of my tech news right now comes from podcasts. Since this discussion came up internally, I figured I’d write up the top podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. I typically listen to these in the car or while out running. My ...   More »

SharePoint for Public Web Sites

I often hear people ask if SharePoint can be used to build public web sites. I’m currently working on yet another public facing web site built on SharePoint, so the answer is a definitive yes. More interesting questions are when and why you would use SharePoint over some other, more traditional infrastructure. I started to compile a list of public web sites on SharePoint to illustrate the “is it possible” questions and found this section of one of my favorite SharePoint demo ...   More »

Office Ribbon Search

Quick update: Ever have trouble finding obscure menu commands in the new Office 2007 Ribbon? My partner David  just showed me an excellent little add-on for the Office Ribbon that comes from the Microsoft Office Labs team. Office Ribbon Search: This adds an extra tab with a search box into the ribbon bar for Word, Excel, etc. Just type all or part of the command you were looking for and related commands dynamica ...   More »

23 Rules of Thumb For Shipping Great Software on Time

At least once a year I personally revisit some brilliant software development best practices outlined by Jim McCarthy at Microsoft in the mid ’90s. Not long after it was released in its original format as an internal presentation, Jim published a version in the book Dynamics of Software Development and left Microsoft to establish a company focused on training software development teams. His guidance continues to live on at in a couple newer books, webcasts, and ...   More »
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